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Colorado State University Extension operates in partnership with the El Paso County Community Services Division to provide non-credit programming to local citizens.
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Vote on Future Volunteer Leader Training Dates

Volunteer Leader Training (VLT) – Required for all new 4-H volunteers.

There is no cost to attend VLT but volunteers must pre-register to attend and training dates/times are subject to cancellation if too few pre-registrations are received (fewer than 8 pre-registrations).  New clubs with several volunteers needing training may request to schedule a VLT opportunity that is convenient to the new club (at the club meeting location). Teens may want and are welcome to attend this training.

VLT Topics:       

Part 1 – Introduction to 4-H, Positive Youth Development, and What is a Quality 4-H Program?

Part 2 – Risk Management, Policies, and Handling Finances

Part 3 – 4-H Meetings, Experiential Education, and Teaching Techniques


The CSU Extension El Paso County Office will deliver a volunteer training over the next few months that will accommodate as many people as possible. If you need volunteer training, please select the dates that would work for you on the form below. The dates of the training will be announced training dates once the most effective date is determined.

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