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4-H Enrollment is Up and Running–Get Enrolled Now!

The 4-H Online enrollment year is ready to go, so get online and get registered now for the 2016-2017 year!

New Members: If you are brand new to 4-H, visit this LINK and follow the directions to get enrolled.

Quick ENROLLMENT Steps – 2016-2017

1. 4HOnline website access is at:

2.New Members: Create family profile by selecting the “I need to setup a profile” button.

Returning Members: Use your e-mail and password and access your established profile. If you have forgotten your e-mail and/or password contact your county Extension Office for assistance. DO NOT CREATE A NEW PROFILE!!!!!

3.New Members: Add a youth and/or adult profiles under your family profile. As you enter information please verify for accuracy.

Returning Members:
Click on the “Edit” button (right side) on inactive member’s profile listing. Review and update all information associated with this profile. DO NOT JUST CLICK AND MOVE ON – CHECK IT ALL!!!! Incorrect information will affect ability to register for events, proper enrollment fees, communication, etc.

4. Once all profile information has been verified and is current under the Personal Information, Additional Information, Health Form, and Participation (Club/Projects), etc.,click “Submit Enrollment”.

5.The county Extension Office will review all information submitted. The member will receive an email confirmation once membership approval is granted.


It is important to enroll yourself as soon as possible so that you can begin accepting new members and we can confirm them at the county level.

On-Line Steps for Organizational Leaders 

When a person registers, they receive an email stating that their initial 4-H enrollment has been received in El Paso County and indicating the club they signed up for.

-To monitor your club, sign in as org leader.

-Under members needing approval, click edit.

-Review member information, scroll to bottom, select confirm, reject or close.

-When you confirm, the status is reported to the extension office. You will not see the record again until it is confirmed by the office. We suggest you print a copy of the form before confirming. You will not be able to run any reports until the Extension Office confirms the member.

-When you reject, the record still goes to the Extension Office, but does not show confirmation (instead the office sees a blank after the club name.) In addition, the enrollee is not notified. It is critical that you contact the extension office on all rejects so they know how to proceed.

-When you close, there is no action. Only use close if you are holding for correction or have not decided what to do on the new enrollee. If you are closing for a correction, make sure to notify the member. If you do not recognize the name, We suggest you print the form and then contact the enrollee to determine if your club will be a good fit.



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