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New Website, Calendar and Communication Process

communication-1297544_960_720Greetings and thanks to all 4-H participants for your hard work around El Paso County. We appreciate your fortitude and are trying to find ways to provide better support for all your efforts.

In order to better facilitate communication within our El Paso County 4-H community, we have launched a new website and information sharing strategy that will increase the access to important news and connectivity throughout our region.

In the past we have relied mostly on email newsletters to spread pertinent information to all of our participants. But the process of putting together a newsletter only allows for the information to be dispersed once it is all gathered–even if valuable information was already on-hand and ready to go.

From now on, information that is useful and pertinent to 4-H members and volunteers will be published on our website news feed as quickly as possible. Anyone who wants to know the latest information can bookmark that news-feed and check it whenever they like to get the most up-to-date information.

We will still be sending out email-blasts, but they will essentially be a summary of links to what is already posted on the website.

Also, we have set up a system that makes it easier for you, your club, or your committee to provide information to share via the county website. Visit our Communication Hub to upload any information that is relevant at a county-wide 4-H  level. We are going to do our best to post your information as quickly as possible online and include it in the email blasts.

We now also have a new Online Calendar, if you would like to add events or make corrections, please use our Communication Hub mentioned above.

In the coming months we will also be introducing an online forum for better intra-club and intra-committee communication and expanding our social-media efforts to better promote 4-H activities and events.

There will be unexpected quirks within this new system and we will work to solve those expediently. We appreciate your patience and input during this process.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Program Assistant Dan Smith at or 719-520-7698 for assistance or suggestions.

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