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Service Dog Seminar

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The El Paso County 4-H Club Dog Country is excited to offer for the whole county Patti Davieau, a special speaker who will be talking to us on the topic of SERVICE DOGS.  Covered will be the overuse of the term “Service Dog” by overzealous pet owners.  What is the legal recognition of a “Service Dog”?  How a Service dog is different from an Emotional Support Dog, Therapy Dog, or CGC Dog. And last but not least, an actual service dog in training and what this particular dog is learning.  Please join us with Guest Speaker:

Patti Davieu’s Bio:

Born and raised in Sonoma, CA on a 2,600-acre ranch, the love for animals started. Patti would never go outside without an animal following in her footsteps. In high school, Patti started to work with a dog trainer who did a lot of work with aggressive dogs, reactivate dogs, anxiety dogs, impulse, and anxiety control issues. At that point she decided to make dog training her professional career.

In moving to Colorado Springs, CO Patti started to put her training skills to more advance work. In 1993 Patti started with the breed of Bernese Mountain Dogs and to this day still has the breed. In the years to come she became very active with the conformation ring, obedience, agility, carting (Draft work), pet therapy work, and service dog training. She is an evaluator for the America Kennel Club for Canine Good Citizen, AKC Community Canine and Urban CGC, also a Draft judge for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America.

In 2006 she became an accredited dog trainer for PetSmart coordinating all PetSmart dog trainers throughout the region from Pueblo to South Denver.  After 8 years working for PetSmart she felt she needed to answer a higher calling, she now puts her time into the all-important work of training Service Dogs, making sure they are ready to help their human counter parts.

Patti is currently working with Dakota a German Shepherd who if passes all his training will be used as a service dog for balance support.  This training is very long and arduous and could take up to a year.

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