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Horsethief Canyon Outdoor Skills Challenge

What is the YHEC/Hunting/Outdoor Skills Event?

First, YHEC is short for Youth Hunter Education Challenge and is a program developed by the NRA exclusively for youth and their families who enjoy hunting and the outdoors. YHEC is NOT a Colorado Hunter Safety Certification Course! YHEC provides youth and adults with a unique opportunity to test their abilities at a variety of hunting techniques. Through completing a series of events conducted under simulated hunting conditions, participants walk away with an appreciation of all methods of hunting and gain knowledge of all types of game. This training ensures the future of the American hunting tradition as a safe, viable, recreational activity the entire family can enjoy.

The 4-H Shooting Sports Hunting/Outdoor Skills discipline teaches youth a variety of hunting heritage related skills and decision making abilities. The YHEC and 4-H Hunting/Outdoor Skills programs work hand in hand to promote the American heritage of hunting, outdoor knowledge and appreciation. The goal of all 4-H Youth Development programs is youth development. Developing the skills youth need to be productive and positive adults in our society. Decision making, teamwork, problem solving, being responsible and having high self-esteem are just a few of the many skills 4-H helps to develop.

Youth participants are scored and ranked at this event, the program’s competitive edge is diminished as the real “challenge” focuses on personal improvement. By participating in this event, all youth competitors are invited to participate in the annual NRA International YHEC event, conducted in cooperation with the International Hunter Education Association; the event rotates to locations throughout the United States to ensure the greatest number of participants.

Challenges Include:
 Muzzleloading Challenge – Shooting muzzleloaders at targets from a variety of unknown distances.

 Light Rifle Challenge – Shooting .22 rifles at targets from a variety of unknown distances.

 Shotgun Challenge – Shooting at clay targets in a variety of ways … singles, doubles and even running rabbits.

 Archery Challenge – Shooting at 3-D wildlife targets from a variety of hunter challenging positions.

 Hunter’s Safety Trail Challenge – Do I shoot or not? These are some of the real life hunting scenarios that will challenge you.

 Orienteering Challenge – Can you find your way using a compass? Can you read a topographic map? If you hunt … you should know how.

 Wildlife ID Challenge – What animal left that track? What did that feather come from? As a hunter, you need to be aware of game signs … this will challenge your knowledge.

 Hunter Responsibility Exam – As hunters … we are all obligated to take care of our environment. Test your knowledge of hunting and our responsibilities.

 Decision Making Challenge – Held along with the Hunter Responsibility Exam, participants will need to place a couple of “classes” based on a hunting or outdoor scenario. You’ll need to think through your options and make the best decision.

How to Register…


You will need to fill out the attached form and send it along with your check for the shooting fees to arrive no later than March 11,2017. This is first come, first served. The first 50 contestants will be scheduled with 4-H participants having priority.

You will need to make your checks payable to the Mesa County 4-H Shooting Sports Send your registration form and check to: Mesa County 4H Shooting Sports 2918 D ½ Road Grand Junction, CO 81504

If you have questions or need more information you may contact: Kristina Teal 970-210-5351 Steve Welker 970-210-3400


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