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A Call for Help! 4-Hers Helping Other 4-Hers Devastated by Wildfire

By Jean Meinzer


El Paso County 4-H’ers—you can help! Many of you may know that the Texas and Oklahoma panhandle regions and southwest Kansas area were devastated by fire last week. Clark County, Kansas alone suffered the loss of over 9,000 head of livestock and over 80% of the county’s pastureland was burned. All told, the devastation in all of the affected areas covers an area larger than the state of Rhode Island!

I spoke today with Brice Gibson, Clark County (KS) 4-H agent, trying to determine how we, El Paso County 4-H clubs could aid their county 4-H organizations. His reply was simple, “Monetary donations.” He added, “I know sometimes financial contributions just seem like a band-aid to fix things, but it really is the most helpful avenue.” He added that he knows of at least one 4-H family who lost their home and all their belongings, another two or three families lost animals and all their pastureland, others lost tack (saddles, blankets, spurs, etc.).

Nearby Meade County 4-H members have taken in orphaned baby calves to care for, at their expense, until the owners can claim the young livestock, probably in a couple of months. I asked if there was a need for milk replacer, creep pellets, etc., and Mr. Gibson said at this time those 4-H clubs are set. He did ask me to check back in a couple of months to see how things are progressing, which I will do.

The Clark County 4-H Council has established a fund to receive monetary donations. Here is my challenge to all the El Paso County, Colorado, 4-H clubs: let’s see how much money we can send our fellow 4-H members in Clark County, KS! Let’s represent El Paso County loud and proud!!

You may make your check payable to: Clark County 4-H Council, and mail it to Clark County Extension, P.O. Box 488, Ashland, KS 67831. Edison Drylanders 4-H Club will be donating—how about your club? If you have any questions, please contact me, Jean Meinzer (Edison Drylanders 4-H Club leader) at Thanks for your support!

Images show the devastation brought on to herds and range land in the recent wildfires in Clark County, Kansas.

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