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4-H Instructions and Guides

4-H Policies

  • Meat Quality Assurance (MQA) Guidelines
  • Using the 4-H Name & Emblem – Only 4-H clubs, enrolled 4-H members and leaders may use the 4-H name and emblem (the 4-H Clover). Other uses must be authorized by the State 4-H Program Leader.
  • 4-H Code of Conduct This document outlines the behavior required of all 4-H participants and volunteers. It must be signed in in order to register.
  • 4-H Adult Code of Conduct
  • Colorado 4-H Dress Code This document lays out acceptable attire for all 4-H members and volunteers. It covers what type of clothing can be worn, what type of logos and text is allowable and other information pertaining to apparel.
  • Colorado 4-H Website Guidelines This document outlines the rules surrounding the use of individual websites by 4-H clubs. If you are going to build a 4-H club-specific website, this document provides guidance on what is allowable.
  • Alcohol Policy Handbook
  • 4-H Money Matters Fact Sheets – Money Basics; Financial Accountability; Excess FundsFund Raising
  • 2017-18 Colorado State 4-H Policies This publication is a summary of state level policies for the Colorado 4-H Youth Development Program. This publication will be reviewed annually by the Colorado 4-H Roundtable. This policy manual addresses topics usually associated with delivery of 4-H programs in the organized club setting. However, many items may also pertain to other 4-H delivery methods.

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