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Colorado State University Extension operates in partnership with the El Paso County Community Services Division to provide non-credit programming to local citizens.

4-H Policies

El Paso County Policies for Success

All 4-H Members and their families are expected to be familiar with the El Paso County Extension 4-H Policies, as well as the Colorado 4-H Youth Development Policies from Colorado State University Extension. It is necessary that 4-H members and their families read and understand both sets of policies as each policy addresses state and county standards that are equally essential to administering and facilitating a successful 4-H Program. The Colorado State Extension 4-H Policies supersede the El Paso County Extension 4-H Policies when something is not addressed in this document.

Project Resources

General Project Resources

Animal Project Forms

4-H Projects

All 4-H members are required to participate in at least one project per 4-H year.

Project Meetings

  1. It is expected that each 4-H member will attend at least three project meetings in order to gain understanding in a specific project area.
  2. If a club does not offer project meetings, 4-H members should attend project meetings associated with a different club or seek out educational opportunities to supplement project work.

Project Units

In order for a 4-H member to compete in a 4-H project, the member must be enrolled in that project. Multiple units may be associated with specific projects. 4-H members must enroll in the specific unit(s) within a project.

  1. Within a specific project, a 4-H member may enroll in and complete, the same unit multiple times, resulting in a different end-product each time.
  2. A 4-H member may enroll in and complete, multiple units of the same project in the same 4-H year.
  3. Specific project units do not have to be completed in any particular order; however, it is highly recommended that the 4-H member progress through the units in a chronological way.
  4. 4-H members may exhibit all project units in which they are enrolled, but exhibition is not required for project completion.

NOTE: Clubs may have additional participation requirements for continued participation in their club and to maintain active status within the club. This is different and separate from county and state project completion requirements and may vary from club to club.

4-H Project Manuals

Families are encouraged to buy manuals for the projects that members are enrolled in to supplement their understanding of the project. When the enrollments are complete on 4HOnline, the 4-H members can pick up their project manuals from the El Paso County Extension Office. Each resource book does vary on pricing.

4-H Leader and Member Manual Recall

4-H members and volunteer-leaders are asked to please return all unused and borrowed 4-H project manuals to the El Paso County Extension Office.

Animal and Livestock Manuals

All animal projects (i.e., Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goat, Llama/Alpaca, Horse, Rabbit, Poultry, Dog, and Cat) are meant to be used throughout the 4-H member’s participation in the animal and livestock projects. If a replacement copy is needed, 4-H members will need to purchase a replacement manual. The premier exhibitor tests will be written from information in the resource manuals.

Excerpted from the El Paso County Extension 4-H Policies for Success (pg 10)


2020 Colorado State Fair 4-H Exhibit Requirements

  • This document provides rules and guidelines for participating in El Paso County and Colorado State Fair for all General/Tabletop projects including shooting sports

Record Books

Record Books

Overall Policies (Applies to all record books)

  • 4-H members must complete an E-Record for each project the 4-H member is enrolled in and receive a score of 70% or above.
  • The official rubrics and score sheet should be used when grading E-Records. Rubrics and score sheets are posted on the El Paso County Extension website on the Leader Toolbox page. If a record book is graded using the wrong rubric or does not follow outlined policies than it will not move onto further outside grading.
  • Club organizational leaders are responsible for collecting  and ensuring the following record books are graded by the deadline set by the El Paso CSU Extension office:
    • Animal record books
    • General/Family and Consumer Science/Shooting sports record books that were not submitted for grading at El Paso County Fair
  • Organizational leaders can delegate the grading of the record books to project leaders or other knowledgeable 4-H Volunteers
  • If a 4-H member turns in an unsatisfactory E-Record, they should be given one week to revise the E-Record to reach a score of 70% or higher. If E-Record revisions are required and completed, the 4-H member will not be eligible for end-of-year E-Record awards, but the satisfactory revisions will meet the completion requirement. Members that choose not to make the necessary changes to reach a score of 70% or higher will not meet the completion requirement.
Family Consumer Science/Shooting Sports
Animal Record Books
  • Click Here for Record Book Templates from the state website
  • 4-H members in animal projects must complete an enterprise E-Record book. This means that only one record book per project area (Example: Companion animals, horse, dog, breeding livestock, and market livestock). This means you wi ll combine species within project areas  
    • Examples: breeding rabbits and breeding beef in one book (breeding livestock record book) ; market swine and market goat in one book (market livestock record book); companion rabbit, llama, and cavy in one book (companion animal record book).
  • Breeding projects and market projects must be kept in separate books due to supplementary forms.
  • Click here for Supplementary Form Templates from the state website
  • 4-H members are encouraged to use 4-H E-Record folders, which can be purchased at the El Paso County Extension Office, or thin covers, not 3-ring binders as they take up too much space.

Excerpted from the El Paso County Extension 4-H Policies for Success (pg 11)

Officer Books

Club Officer Handbook

Awards will be given for the best 4-H Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian officer books, as well as, to the club with the highest combined scores for all three books. Submission of officer books is not required but encouraged. Officer books for Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian are to be submitted to the El Paso County Extension Office, by the date published in the 4-H Newsletter, in order to compete for an award at the Annual Achievement Program. For more information on completing officer books, contact the El Paso County Extension Office.

Excerpted from the El Paso County Extension 4-H Policies for Success (pg 9)



  • El Paso County 4-H Request for Foundation Funds This form is used to request funds from our El Paso County 4-H Foundation. Fund requests can go toward a variety of 4-H activities like paying for a 4-H event, membership dues, fundraiser supplies or anything 4-H-related.
  • El Paso County 4-H Foundation Scholarship Application Form Deadline 5:00 PM, March 15, 2020. Instructions are on form.
  • Colorado 4-H Senate Scholarship Form This form is used to request funds from the Colorado 4-H Senate. It is used for State Conference, LDC, CLC and Youth Fest. Form must be complete and received (not postmarked) 10 days before the event registration due date.
  • Johathan Marr 4-H Memorial Scholarship One $300.00 scholarship will be awarded annually to a 4-H Member who has been enrolled in Shooting Sports for a minimum of four years. Colorado 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassadors who apply will receive first consideration for the scholarship. The 2020 Scholarship guidelines are not currently available.