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Colorado State University Extension operates in partnership with the El Paso County Community Services Division to provide non-credit programming to local citizens.

Links to the Colorado Master Gardener articles printed in the Colorado Springs Gazette are listed below (most recent at the top):

Adding Native Shrubspublished 5/4/19

Amending Garden Beds in the Fallpublished 10/21/17

Ants in the Gardenpublished 7/28/18

Aphidspublished 7/6/19

April Gardening Calendarpublished 3/30/19

April Garden Calendarpublished 3/31/18

April Garden Calendar published 4/1/17

Aspen Diseasespublished 8/4/18

August Garden Calendarpublished 7/27/19

August Garden Calendar published 7/29/17

Ascochyta Leaf Blight in Lawnspublished 7/13/19

Bee Pollinatorspublished 8/19/17

Bindweed Controlpublished 8/3/19

Biological Weed Controlpublished 7/21/18

Buyer Beware when Shoppingpublished 4/13/19

Care of Tulips and Daffodils After Bloompublished 5/26/18

Cocktail Gardeningpublished 6/15/19

Conditioning Houseplants for Holiday Blooms published 9/16/17

Container Gardening published 5/13/17

Creating Succulent Gardens in Containerspublished 6/9/18

Dahliaspublished 6/10/17

Deadheadingpublished 8/24/19

Dramatic Additions to Spring Bulbspublished 9/7/19

Dwarf Mistletoe in Coloradopublished 9/14/19

Edible Flowers published 7/8/17

Elderberriespublished 6/30/18

Fall Garden Clean-uppublished 9/23/17

Fall Planted Bulbspublished 9/15/18

Fall Vegetable Plantingpublished 7/22/17

Favorite Plantspublished 8/25/18

Fifth Anniversary of Black Forest Firepublished 6/2/18

Fire Blightpublished 7/14/18

Firewise Landscapingpublished 7/20/19

Firewise Landscapingpublished 6/16/18

Forcing Bulbs Indoorspublished 11/11/17

Garden Maintenance Heading into Summerpublished 6/23/18

Garden Wars published 5/6/17

Gardening with Childrenpublished 5/25/19

Gardening in the Rain published 8/5/17

Garlic – published 9/29/18

Get Your Lawn Ready for Winterpublished 9/22/18

Gifts for Gardeners published 11/25/17

Going Nativepublished 4/20/19

Ground Coverspublished 4/6/19

Growing Citrus Indoorspublished 11/4/17

Growing Microgreenspublished 10/20/18

Hail Mitigation published 5/27/17

Harvesting Rainwaterpublished 4/22/17

Heirloom Tomatoespublished 4/7/18

Helleborespublished 3/23/19

Herb Harvestingpublished 8/26/17

How To Start a Vegetable Gardenpublished 4/8/17

How Vines Climbpublished 5/18/19

Indicator Weeds published 7/15/17

July Garden Calendar published 7/1/17

June and July Garden Calendarpublished 6/29/19

June Gardening Calendarpublished 6/1/19

June Garden Calendarpublished 6/3/17

Late Season Lawn Care-published 10.10.19

Late Winter Pruning published 2/18/17

Lawn Irrigationpublished 5/12/18

March Garden Calendar published 3/4/17
May Garden Calendarpublished 4/27/19

May Garden Calendarpublished 4/28/18

May Garden Calendarpublished 4/29/17
Minimizing Risks of Pesticidespublished 6/8/19

My Battle with Noxious Weeds –  published 10/6/18

Myrtle Spurge published 3/2/19

November Garden Calendarpublished 10/28/17
November Tree Check-uppublished 10/27/18

October Garden Calendar published 9/30/17
Overwintering Geraniumspublished 9/8/18

Overwintering Rosemarypublished 9/24/2019

Overwintering Rosemarypublished 8/12/17

Pine Needle Mythspublished 8/10/19

Planning a Vegetable Gardenpublished 3/9/19

Poison Ivypublished 8/11/18

Pretty Vegetablespublished 5/5/18
Pruning Clematispublished 5/11/19

Pruning Shrubspublished 3/24/18

Ragweedpublished 8/31/19
Reliable Late Summer Colorpublished 8/17/19

Roses in the Landscapepublished 6/24/17
Saving Seedspublished 10/7/17
September Gardening Calendarpublished 9/2/17
Seed Starting published 3/12/17

Shrubs with Fall Berriespublished 8/18/18

Spring Ephermalspublished 4/14/18

Spring Lawn Carepublished 3/16/19

Spring Tune-up for Lawnspublished 3/25/17

Strawberries in the Pikes Peak Regionpublished 5/20/17
Sun V Shadepublished 4/15/17
Trees Selectionpublished 3/19/17

Vermicompostingpublished 10/13/18

Why Do Leaves Change Their Color – published 10/14/17
Wildlife Questionspublished 4/21/18
Winter Tree and Shrub Care published 11/18/17

Westward Hoe Garden Tour published 6/22/19

Wind Damagepublished 2/25/17

Won’t You Bee My Neighborpublished 9/1/18

2018 Annual FOX Garden Tourpublished 7/6/18

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

This rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here still aims to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operations to account for a situation that is far from normal.