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Colorado State University Extension operates in partnership with the El Paso County Community Services Division to provide non-credit programming to local citizens.

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Do you want more information on what 4-H does?
Watch the video 
below or CLICK HERE to learn more.

How to Enroll

1) Choose a Local 4-H Club
  • Click here for the El Paso County Club Directory
  • Your club leader will be your primary resource for all things 4-H: research a club that meets the needs and priorities of your family.
  • Please note that some clubs have registration deadlines **see note below
  • Call and visit clubs – Members and their family may visit clubs until they find the club best fit for them. You do not have to be enrolled to visit clubs.
2) Pick out Projects of Interest
  • Check out the 4-H projects and interest areas – It is helpful to figure out which projects the member might want to participate in right away. Click here for the 23-24 Project List
3) Register in 4HOnline
  • New families should only enroll online AFTER they have communicated with a club leader and attended a club meeting. Link to enroll in 4HOnline HERE
  • HERE youth will find some very helpful instructions for enrolling in 4HOnline as a 4-H Member!
  • HERE adult’s will find some very helpful instructions for enrolling in 4HOnline as a 4-H Volunteer!
4) Submit Enrollment Fees and Required Forms to your Club Leader

Stay in touch!

  • Read the most recent 4-H newsletterthis is the primary way that the Extension Office communications events, policies and important information with our 4-H Families.
  • Read the Fast Friday blasts for announcements in between newsletters and reminders of upcoming events
** The 4-H Year runs from October through September. Earlier club deadlines for enrollment equals better support for the following reasons:
  • To help leaders plan for the year,
  • For members to complete all requirements and stay on pace with other 4-Hers in their clubs, and
  • Risk management including for insurance and coverage protection of code of conduct, etc.

Financial Assistance

Families can apply for financial assistance for 4-H fees through the El Paso County 4-H foundation. Find the application here. Instructions for submitting the application can be found at the bottom of the form. 

Have questions? Contact the Extension Office at 719-520-7698.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

This rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here still aims to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operations to account for a situation that is far from normal.