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Colorado State University Extension operates in partnership with the El Paso County Community Services Division to provide non-credit programming to local citizens.

What is an MFSA?

MFSAs are trained volunteer educators that help deliver food safety and food preservation programs to the local community through CSU Extension.

Why you should become a Master Food Safety Advisor?

  • You enjoy or want to hone your skills in the art and science of home food preservation.
  • A desire to share your expertise with others in the community.
  • MFSA play an important role in our

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone 21 years or older is eligible to apply to take Master Food Safety Advisor training. To become a Master Food Safety Advisor, applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  • Attend training sessions for at least 30 hours.
  • Pass written certification exam.
  • Complete at least 30 hours of volunteer service as a Master Food Safety Advisor or 20 hours if also participating as a Master Gardener Volunteer.

What training is provided?

The MFSA program is coordinated and supervised by Extension Agents who work in the area of Family & Consumer Sciences. These program coordinators offer 30 hours of intensive training on methods of canning, pickling, freezing, dehydrating, food safety and prevention of foodborne illness for a minimal fee, in exchange for commitment of 30 hours of volunteer service each year with a CSU county Extension office. Training is scheduled in the spring. See specific county links below for contact information, training dates and program cost. Educational updates are provided to returning volunteers and a recertification exam is required every three years.

If you are interested in becoming a MFSA Volunteer, please contact Briana Rockler at


Keeping ahead of COVID-19

This rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here still aims to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operations to account for a situation that is far from normal.